Govenor Moore's Cannabis Pardon Executive Order

“Today, we take a big step toward enacting the kinds of policies that can reverse the harm of the past – and help us build a brighter future…And we couldn’t have gotten here without the extraordinary partnership of our incredible lawmakers, leaders, and advocates.”
— Governor Wes Moore

On June 17, 2024, Governor Wes Moore issued an Executive Clemency Order pardoning certain Maryland convictions related to the simple possession of cannabis (the “Cannabis Pardon Order”).

Governor Moore's historic action pardoned 175,000 Maryland convictions related to the possession of cannabis, including convictions for misdemeanor possession of cannabis and certain convictions for misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. The order represents the largest pardon for misdemeanor cannabis possession charges for any state in the country and the inclusion of paraphernalia makes Maryland the first state to take such action.

Governor Moore's Action

How To Receive Your Pardon

Individuals do not need to take any action to receive the pardon. Individuals can check online or at a public kiosk at any courthouse in the state to verify whether they were included in the pardon.

Anyone who is eligible for a pardon but who was not included in the mass pardon may apply for a pardon through the regular applica​tion process—as may be the case for individuals whose convictions pre-date electronically available record formats.

Applying For Expungement

Though the Maryland Judiciary will make a note on the record that the offense has been pardoned, it will still appear on the individual’s record.

Individuals who want to remove a conviction from public records must file for an expungement. Learn more about filing for expungement here.

There are legal clinics in Maryland who can help with expunging cannabis possession convictions:

Allegany Law Foundation

Community Legal Services of Prince George's County

FreeState Justice

Harford County Bar Foundation

Homeless Persons Representation Project

Maryland Legal Aid

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service

Shore Legal Access (f/k/a Mid-Shore Pro Bono)