Governor Moore Delivers Opening Keynote Address At The Maryland Municipal League Summer Conference

Published: 6/24/2024

ANNAPOLIS, MD— Governor Wes Moore today delivered the opening keynote address at the Maryland Municipal League summer conference in Ocean City, the largest event dedicated to educational and professional development for Maryland’s local leadership. The governor’s keynote focused on the three principles that have guided the Moore-Miller Administration’s strategy for improving Maryland’s economy: taking a disciplined approach; following the data; and investing in ways that grow the economy.


Following are key excerpts from the Governor’s remarks as prepared:

“This administration made the choice to pass bipartisan budgets that haven’t just been balanced – They’ve also been smaller than the final budget of my predecessor. This is the first time in nearly a decade that Maryland has passed a budget smaller than the one the year before.”

“Our administration said we would leave no one behind. It’s not just a moral imperative – it’s a strategic necessity. When children don’t grow up in poverty, they have a better chance of building strong careers – and that helps everyone. When workers get fair pay and parents have space to enter the workforce, we stimulate the economy – and that helps everyone. When we build new, equitable pathways to prosperity, that makes us more competitive – and that helps everyone.”

“I don’t come from the world of politics: I come from the military and I come from the private sector. And when you’ve been working with a broken business model for years, it takes more than a few months of action to turn things around. But by staying focused, following the data, and prioritizing growth, we’ve been able to get Maryland moving in the right direction again. We’re getting people back to work. We’re investing in families and children. We’re fighting child poverty. We’re unleashing Maryland’s promise.”

Earlier in the day, both Governor Moore and Lieutenant Governor Aruna Miller attended the Maryland Police Executives Association Breakfast where 88 municipal police departments and their leadership gathered to present an award to the 2024 “Top Cop” recipient, Hyattsville Police Department Sergeant Zachary Nemser.

top cop 

Following the opening session, the governor and lieutenant governor joined the expo hall ribbon-cutting ceremony alongside Maryland Municipal League leadership and walked the expo hall where he engaged with booths from state agencies, municipalities, and businesses.

Governor Moore concluded his visit at the Maryland Mayors Association meeting and luncheon where he delivered brief remarks and presented the outgoing Maryland Mayors Association President Mayor Mike Benton with a citation.