Governor Moore Celebrates Independence Day

Published: 7/4/2024

Governor Wes Moore at parade

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Wes Moore today participated in multiple events to celebrate and observe Independence Day.

​​“On July 4, we both celebrate hard-won freedoms and acknowledge the broad shoulders we stand on. The American spirit is enduring – not because of a lack of challenges, but because we’ve always faced them together,” said Gov. Moore. “I saw true patriotism when I led soldiers in combat, and I see it in the lives of courageous Marylanders who serve their communities with dignity. When the story of our country is written, their ink will be on the page.”

welcome home 

The Governor began the day with the Maryland Air National Guard at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport to welcome home 171 members of the 175th Wing 104th Fighter Squadron. The airmen returned from deployment to the Middle East. The 104th Fighter Squadron is the oldest unit in the Maryland Air National Guard, with more than 100 years of service to the state and to the nation.


The Governor also participated in the annual Catonsville Fourth of July parade, walking the route with elected officials and community members. The famous parade is a part of the community’s long standing Fourth of July celebration, which also includes a concert, family fun fest, and fireworks display.


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