Governor Moore and Team Maryland Welcome the Selection of Greenbelt for New FBI Headquarters

Published: 11/10/2023

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Governor Wes Moore, Lieutenant Governor Aruna Miller, U.S. Senator Ben Cardin, U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen, Congressman Steny H. Hoyer, Congressman Glenn Ivey, House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones, Senate President Bill Ferguson, Comptroller Brooke Lierman, Attorney General Anthony Brown and Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks today held a press conference in Greenbelt to welcome the General Services Administration’s decision to select Prince George’s County as the home for the new, consolidated FBI headquarters.

“At a time when the current FBI building in Washington, D.C. is literally falling apart; at a time when incidents of hate crimes are growing here at home; at a time when the nature of national security is changing, with an increased focus on cybersecurity; at a time when access to affordable transit isn’t just a bonus, it’s a necessity for employees in the modern workforce—in this time and in this moment, there is no question. The FBI belongs in Maryland,” said Gov. Moore.  “And we know we have always won on the merits. We’re not just excited about this because it’s the right choice for Maryland—we’re excited about this because it’s the right choice for the country, and it’s the right choice for the FBI too. Bringing the bureau to Maryland will benefit the mission of the FBI for generations to come—it will bring more than 7,500 new jobs and generate more than $4 billion in economic activity. We believe in the FBI. We are proud to support the FBI. And we are thrilled to welcome the FBI to Prince George’s County.”

Governor Moore and members of the Maryland Delegation stand together after the FBI Selection Press Conference. 

“This is a proud moment for Maryland and Prince George’s County. This is the result of decades of collaboration between Maryland’s Congressional Delegation, multiple state government administrations, and local elected leaders who committed to Prince George’s County,” said Lt. Gov. Miller. “Our vision of building a sustainable, equitable economy in Maryland relies on projects that have the potential to provide new opportunities in areas with historic under-federal investment. I look forward to the continued work to build this significant facility.”

The U.S. General Services Administration announced that the 61-acre site in Greenbelt, Maryland will be the new home for the FBI headquarters after scoring highest in four of five selection criteria:

  • Greenbelt is the most transit accessible site, due to its 0.1 mile walking distance to Metro and commuter rail;
  • Greenbelt provides for a consistent and predictable construction schedule as the site is owned by a public entity and offers a clear public process and timeline to achieve site control;
  • Greenbelt offers the best opportunity for the government’s investment to positively impact region through sustainable and equitable development;
  • Greenbelt provides the lowest overall cost to taxpayers.
“Today is a great day for the FBI. Team Maryland stood united throughout this process as we presented the facts and made our case for why our sites were the best choice for the FBI,” said Congressman Steny H. Hoyer. “This team was made up of people from every political background, every generation, and every level of government. Together, we put Maryland’s best foot forward. Our work does not end today, and neither does this team. I speak for all of us when I say we are eager to welcome the FBI to Maryland as soon as possible.”

“Bringing the FBI to Prince George’s County, a county that has been overlooked for many years as key federal facilities were built elsewhere around the National Capital Region, would not have happened if we did not have the unity of Team Maryland. We worked to get the authorization right, and we worked together to set aside funding early. Then we fought through the Trump years to keep hope alive because the men and women of the FBI still needed a modern, consolidated headquarters that wasn’t falling down around them. Team Maryland did not give up,” said Senator Ben Cardin. “We knew that in any fair competition for the future home of the FBI that Maryland would prevail. Team Maryland fought to make sure the process was fair and transparent and complied with congressional intent. GSA made the right decision for the American taxpayers and the FBI based on the merits. This was not a close call. I am proud to welcome the incredible men and women of the FBI to Team Maryland.”

“After a decade-long push – and a fair and thorough selection process – the decision to pick Greenbelt for the FBI’s new headquarters was the clear choice. This selection is a win for the FBI mission, a win for the American taxpayers, and a win for our goal of ensuring the federal government invests in an equitable way,” said Senator Chris Van Hollen. “I was proud to fight for this alongside Team Maryland. We have already secured the resources needed to get started on this project, and, as a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I’m committed to delivering the full funding necessary to complete it.” 

“Today’s Team Maryland FBI headquarters GSA decision announcement is the culmination of years of work by Congressman Steny Hoyer, senators Cardin and Van Hollen and many other partners on the county, state and federal levels. From proximity to great transit options like Metro and MARC to easy access to the federal courthouse in Greenbelt, this award was made on the merits of this project. $1.5 billion in savings doesn’t hurt either,” said Congressman Glenn Ivey. “I want to thank Gov. Wes Moore and County Executive Angela Alsobrooks for their leadership. They understand the men and women of the FBI deserve a modern, convenient and safe workplace. Together we will help them achieve their mission to protect and serve our nation by transitioning into a modern and cost effective headquarters in the heart of Prince George’s County.” 

“We are Prince George’s Proud that after this decade-long process, Prince George’s County will finally be the new home of the FBI headquarters,” said Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks. “The GSA chose Greenbelt because it was the best site to fulfill the mission of the FBI while taking into account cost, timeliness, and sustainability. Federal job centers like this create generational transformation for local communities and we are excited about how the FBI headquarters will drive our local economy for decades to come. We want to thank all our federal, state, and local officials who worked together as Team Maryland to bring this project to Prince George’s and Maryland.” 

“Today, we celebrated the selection of Greenbelt, Maryland, as the next home of the FBI. It marked the beginning of what we will look back and say was a transformative moment, not just for Prince George's County or the State of Maryland, but for the entire United States,” said Senate President Bill Ferguson. “Greenbelt is the right place at the right time for the FBI, and I'm thankful to the governor and every partner in Maryland's congressional delegation for their part in getting this done.”

“Marylanders have a proud tradition of public service to our country,” said House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones. “The relocation of the FBI to Prince George’s County builds on this tradition, and we’re ready to invest our time, money, and resources to help protect our nation.”

“The decision to move the FBI national headquarters to Greenbelt, Maryland is the right one. Maryland is home to a talented, diverse workforce as well as several allied federal, local, and state agencies that will provide strong support to the bureau in its important work,” said Comptroller Brooke Lierman. “FBI employees deserve to work in a place that is diverse, accessible to multiple types of transit, and offers a variety of housing options. I look forward to providing support and assistance in moving the process forward in partnership with the Governor, Prince George’s County Executive, and our federal delegation.” 

“Prince George’s County remains, and always has been, the best location for the FBI’s new headquarters.  For too long, our communities have gone overlooked by federal agencies for investment and good-paying jobs. That changes right now,” said Attorney General Anthony Brown. “It is a momentous day for Maryland and my home county of Prince George's. The FBI's arrival will transform our crime-fighting partnerships between the Office of the Attorney General, the United States Attorney, our local prosecutors and local law enforcement. That is a tremendous win for public safety here at home and for all Marylanders.”

To learn more about the FBI headquarters site selection decision, please visit the GSA’s website.