Governor Moore’s Statement on the Mass Shooting in Baltimore

Published: 7/2/2023

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Governor Wes Moore released the following statement on the mass shooting that took place in Baltimore:

“Last night, we saw yet another mass shooting strike our community where a celebratory gathering turned deadly. My heart breaks for these victims, their families, and the Baltimore community that is coping with the loss. 

Maryland has had enough of watching gun violence continue to ravage our state and our nation. The fact that these horrific shootings continue to take place is abominable. We as a state will continue to do everything we can to prevent senseless acts of violence like the one we saw last night.

We are grateful for the actions of the first responders who jumped quickly into action and are confident that our law enforcement officials will swiftly bring the perpetrators to justice. My administration is in close touch with local officials and will provide whatever resources are needed to assist.

To the loved ones of these Marylanders, I am so sorry for your loss. You deserve better and we will work together to bring you just that. You have my word.”