Governor Moore's Statement Regarding Texas Hearing to Revoke FDA Approval of Mifepristone

Published: 3/15/2023

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Governor Moore released the following statement regarding the Texas hearing seeking to revoke the FDA approval of Mifepristone: 

“Since the FDA approved two-dose medication for abortions more than 20 years ago, more than 5 million people have used mifepristone as a safe and effective healthcare option. Attempts to restrict access to mifepristone are not based on scientific justification—these are nothing more than politically motivated attacks to dismantle women's rights to make decisions about their own health care. 

Let me be clear: reproductive freedom is non-negotiable. Maryland is proud to stand with other states in the fight to protect reproductive rights and we will continue to do everything in our power—including through recent action taken by Attorney General Brown to join a multi-state lawsuit challenging restrictions on mifepristone—to ensure that Maryland remains a safe haven for abortion and reproductive health care care access.”