Governor Moore Delivers Commencement Address to the 2023 Graduating Class of Howard Community College

Published: 5/26/2023

​ANNAPOLIS, MD —  In his final commencement speech of this year’s graduation season, Governor Wes Moore delivered the keynote address for the 2023 graduation of Howard Community College. In his speech, he emphasized that each graduate should recognize the speed and the drive that they bring to every challenge. The governor expressed his gratitude to the graduates by saying:  “Thank you for being in a rush.”

This address at Howard Community College is personal for Governor Moore. During his speech, he shared pride in his own history with two year colleges, as he received his Associates Degree from Valley Forge Military Academy and College. Governor Moore wears three pieces of jewelry wherever he goes, and one of them is his two-year college ring.


Excerpts from Governor Moore’s speech as prepared:

“Each of you are in a rush to change the world, and it’s that kind of rush that will show our nation and our world exactly why Maryland is ready to lead.”

“Class of 2023: Our state needs your speed and your drive: To bring our economy back to life and create jobs! To end childhood poverty in our communities! To create pathways to prosperity for all Marylanders!”

“You are ready to lead the charge – because you move with speed; because you have no time for entitlement; because many of these problems aren’t just theoretical for you, they’re a part of your daily lives!”


“Class of 2023: Take your next steps with pride: Knowing you are prepared; knowing you have what it takes; knowing you are the leaders that our state and our world need at this moment!”

“There will be those who doubt you. There will be those who question you. There will be those who don’t understand your speed and your drive and who will try to diminish you. And then again, there were those that doubted you would be here today. And look at where you are!”

“You are Maryland’s strength. You are Maryland’s skill. You are Maryland’s speed. And you are going to set the pace for Maryland’s greatness in this decade.”

Governor Moore emphasized the importance of community colleges to Maryland’s future — naming them Maryland’s 16 pearls, that line our state from Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore. The governor highlighted that the Moore-Miller Administration secured more than $476 million in partnership with the General Assembly for community colleges in the FY24 budget.