Governor Moore Signs Executive Orders on Ethics and Creation of the Maryland Department of Service and Civic Innovation

Published: 1/19/2023

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Today, Governor Wes Moore signed the first executive orders of his administration, focusing on a subject that will be core to his administration: service.

“These executive orders channel the energy of Marylanders to solve our biggest problems," said Governor Moore. “In our administration, there will be no question that everyone is working for the people of Maryland." 


Executive Order 01.01.2023.01 - The first executive order focuses on the individuals who serve in the executive branch, outlining the ethical standards and expectations that will apply to every member of the administration. 

Executive Order 01.01.2023.02- The second executive order issued today establishes the Maryland Department of Service and Civic Innovation. This department will be the home of Maryland's Service Year Option, through which high school graduates will have the opportunity to serve their communities and their state, be paid for their work, and learn skills that will serve them in their futures.