Executive Orders

Date Title Number Attachments
06/05/2023 Protecting the Right to Seek Gender-Affirming Care in Maryland 01.01.2023.08 Download (pdf)
05/17/2023 Leading by Example in State Government 01.01.2023.07 Download (pdf)
05/08/2023 Maryland Council on Innovation and Impact 01.01.2023.05 Download (pdf)
03/07/2023 Judicial Nominating Commissions 01.01.2023.04 Download (pdf)
02/16/2023 Reporting of Procurement Activity and Minority Business Enterprise Compliance 01.01.2023.03 Download (pdf)
01/19/2023 Reorganization of State Government - The Department of Service and Civic Innovation 01.01.2023.02 Download (pdf)
01/19/2023 Standards of Conduct for Executive Branch Employees 01.01.2023.01 Download (pdf)