Executive Orders

Date Title Number Attachments
01/18/2024 Establishing the Governor's Office for Children and the Governor's Office of Crime Prevention and Policy 01.01.2024.05 Download (pdf)
01/09/2024 Reestablishing the Joint Enforcement Task Force on Workplace Fraud 01.01.2024.04 Download (pdf)
01/09/2024 Declaration of a State of Preparedness 01.01.2024.03 Download (pdf)
01/08/2024 Catalyzing the Responsible and Productive Use of Artificial Intelligence in Maryland State Government 01.01.2024.02 Download (pdf)
01/03/2024 The Longevity Ready Maryland Initiative A Multisector Plan for Longevity 01.01.2024.01 Download (pdf)
12/21/2023 Governor's Workforce Development Board 01.01.2023.22 Download (pdf)
12/14/2023 Maryland's Office of Overdose Response 01.01.2023.21 Download (pdf)
11/22/2023 State of Maryland Workplace Substance Abuse Policy 01.01.2023.16 Download (pdf)
11/20/2023 State of Preparedness 01.01.2023.20 Download (pdf)
11/17/2023 Procurement Guidelines: Authorizing Project Labor Agreements for Large-Scale Public Work Contracts and Promoting Apprenticeship Agreements and Community Hiring 01.01.2023.19 Download (pdf)

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