Executive Orders

Date Title Number Attachments
04/25/2024 Renewal of Executive Order 01.01.2024.09 01.01.2024.16 Download (pdf)
04/22/2024 Maryland Outdoor Learning Partnership 01.01.2024.15 Download (pdf)
04/15/2024 Prohibiting Certain Intercepts of Temporary Economic and Financial Assistance Relief Related to the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse 01.01.2024.14 Download (pdf)
04/15/2024 Authorizing the Secretary of Natural Resources to Modify Rules for the Operation of Vessels in Close Proximity to the Francis Scott Key Bridge Area 01.01.2024.13 Download (pdf)
04/11/2024 Authorizing the Suspension of Statutes, Rules, and Regulations Governing Grant Procurements, and Temporary Assistance Programs Related to the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse 01.01.2024.12 Download (pdf)
04/05/2024 Establishing Temporary Economic and Financial Relief Programs for Workers and Businesses Impacted by the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse and Disruption of Operations to the Port of Baltimore 01.01.2024.11 Download (pdf)
04/01/2024 Proclaiming an Extended Session of the Maryland General Assembly 01.01.2024.10 Download (pdf)
03/26/2024 Declaration of a State of Emergency 01.01.2024.09 Download (pdf)
01/25/2024 Maryland Economic Council 01.01.2024.08 Download (pdf)
01/21/2024 Rescission of Executive Order 01.01.2024.03 01.01.2024.07 Download (pdf)

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