Lt. Governor Miller Visits Mental Health Wellness Program at Annapolis High School

Published: 11/7/2023

Lt. Governor Miller Highlights One-of-a-Kind Program Spearheaded by Maryland 2024 Teacher of the Year Winner

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Maryland Lt. Governor Aruna Miller visited Annapolis High School to meet with students and tour the Wellness Program spearheaded by Maryland 2024 Teacher of the Year Winner Mary Kay Connerton.​​​​​​

Lt. Governor Miller joined students in participating in a Wellness Group, one of four pillars within the Wellness Program created by Mrs. Connerton. Together, students, staff members, administrators, and the Lt. Governor participated in a Yoga Nidra session centered on gratitude, followed by a roundtable discussion on mental health needs for high school students and how the state of Maryland can support young people.

Lt. Governor Aruna Miller with students and staff at Annapolis High School 

 “Our students are the future of our state and Governor Moore and I are committed to ensuring they have a strong foundation for success,” said Lt. Gov. Miller. “Students, particularly high school students, have unique mental health needs and we must dedicate resources to support them. The wellness program at Annapolis High School championed by Mary Kay Connerton is a model for the kind of initiatives that can support young people and the unique mental health challenges they face.” 

The Annapolis High School Wellness Program began in 2015, started by Mrs. Connerton. It is the most established wellness program offered within Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Mrs Connerton’s ‘Wellness Coordinator Position’ is the only one offered within the county. 

Lieutenant Governor Miller in wellness program at AHS 

Lt. Governor Miller has visited high schools across Maryland, where she has met with students and educators to hear their stories in an effort to combat the stigma surrounding mental health issues. The Moore-Miller administration, in their first budget in office, invested a record $1.4 billion in direct state support for mental health and substance abuse programs. 

Governor Moore also signed the Maryland Educator Shortage Reduction Act of 2023 into law, which provides better behavioral health services to students by recruiting and retaining mental health professionals in schools.
Lt Governor attends mental health discussion at AHS 

Additionally, the Moore-Miller Administration is committed to supporting young people in the state of Maryland, including lifting children out of poverty through passing the Family Prosperity Act, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and implementing the Service Year Option to bridge the gap between an education and a career for high school graduates. These initiatives will support students and young people and give them the economic, educational, and professional resources to thrive.