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State Resources

DLLR Dept of Labor Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) Unemployment insurance provides benefits to persons who are unemployed through no fault of their own and who are ready, willing and able to work, and actively seeking work.
MIA This property damage brochure, is designed by the Maryland Insurance Administration, is designed to help you understand what to do in order to protect your interests if you have suffered a loss or sustained damage, and need to file an insurance claim.
Criminal Injuries Compensation Board The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) is a remedial body designed to provide aid and assistance to victims of crime in Maryland. Our statutory authority shall be construed in all circumstances to remedy the harm to the victim and in favor of eligibility for the victim or claimant.
Maryland Department of Aging The Maryland Department of Aging is the State’s advocate for the more than 1.1 million older Marylanders and their families. In conjunction with the State’s 19 Area Agencies on Aging, MDoA serves older adults and individuals with disabilities. Local Area Agencies on Aging provide information assistance to obtain information and access to services like nutrition, long term care supports, and protection of individuals in institutional care settings.
Maryland Access Point Maryland Access Point within the Maryland Department of Aging integrates aging and disability services and provides support to allow individuals to remain at home and plan for future needs. Inquirers will receive information, assistance, advocacy, referral and follow up to assist with a wide range of concerns including screening for federal and state benefits, housing, legal, nutrition, and other community based services, programs and resources.
Dept of Disabilities The Maryland Technology Assistance Program (MDTAP) helps Marylanders with disabilities, older Marylanders, and their families access assistive technology (AT) devices and services. MDTAP provides device demonstrations, short-term equipment loans, access to recycled/reused assistive technology and durable medical equipment, two low-interest financial loan programs available to help fund assistive technology, and other resources to help individuals and families access devices to live and work more independently.
Dept of Disabilities The Constituent Services Program (CSP) provides information and referrals, resource listings and access assistance to individuals with disabilities, their families and service providers on issues including employment, housing, transportation, health care, emergency preparedness, assistive technology, education and benefits.
Strategic Demolition Fund The Maryland Department of Human Resources (DHR) has mobilized a Maryland Unites Emergency Response Center to support the efforts to restore stability to Baltimore City. Available around the clock, residents may call 1-888-756-7836, to receive assistance and detailed information regarding services provided by DHR. DHR is the state’s primary social service provider, administering a wide range of services across the state’s 24 local jurisdictions.

Additional Business-Specific Resources

Governor's Business Ombudsman Business Help: Governor’s Ombudsman
Resolves problems encountered by businesses interacting with State agencies and facilitates responsiveness of State government to business needs.
Maryland Insurance Administration The Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) is an independent state agency that regulates Maryland’s insurance industry and protects consumers by enforcing insurance laws.
Maryland Lottery Agency The Maryland Lottery Agency is providing assistance to retailers who may have had lost or stolen lottery tickets. The most important action is for retailers with lost or stolen lottery tickets to report as soon as possible. The Agency will also be holding periodic open houses for affected retailers.
Neighborhood BusinessWorks The Maryland Business Recovery Loan Program is an emergency program to assist small businesses affected by civil unrest in the spring of 2015. The program provides financing for existing businesses, and applications can be submitted until August 1, 2015.
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