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Proclamation and Citation Requests

Citizens and Organizations may request a citation or a proclamation from the Governor’s Office to commemorate or recognize a person or organization’s achievement or cause.  Approved requests will be mailed as an oversized document to the street address provided. In-person pick-up is not available. These documents cannot be resized, emailed or reprinted for distribution.

Requests for citations and proclamations must be received by the Governor’s Office at least 8 weeks in advance of your deadline. The Governor’s Office reserves the right to deny any request for ceremonial documents at the discretion of the Correspondence and Constituent Services Office.

  • A citation is given for a specific achievement of a person or organization, such as a retirement, milestone birthday, Boy Scout Eagle Award or Girl Scout Gold Award, or a similar achievement. Citations are NOT given for achievements such as graduating high school or college or receiving a particular scholarship.
  • A  memorial tribute is given in remembrance of someone who has passed. These do not require 8 weeks notice, but this office does request that you notify us as soon as possible when requesting a memorial citation.
  • A proclamation is to recognize a day, week or month in awareness of a cause.

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