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  • Boyd Rutherford at a State Park walking in a field

  • Boyd Rutherford at a State Park planting a tree

  • Boyd Rutherford crossing a stream at a State Park

​What is it that attracts over 14 million people to visit Maryland’s state parks each year? I intend to find out!

Over the next four years, I’m committed to visiting every state park in Maryland – and now you can follow along! Join me and my team as we map “Rutherford’s Travels,” and share our park discoveries on this page.

In the meantime, if you want to explore Maryland State Parks to find out for yourself why National Geographic called our state “America in Miniature,” head over to the Maryland Parks webpage for a listing of all state parks​.

You can also follow along with our adventures by checking out the hashtag #LGStateParkBucketList on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

*Special thanks to the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Information Technology for help building this webpage.