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FAQ: Ending the COVID-19 State of Emergency

Q: What impact does this have on federal funding?

A: Lifting the state of emergency has no impact on receiving or distributing federal relief funding.

Q: Are private businesses and local governments still able to set their own rules?

A: Private businesses and local governments continue to be able to set their own policies based on their own authorities.

Q: How does this affect vaccine operations?

A: Lifting the state of emergency has no impact on the state’s ongoing vaccination campaign. The state continues to focus on its No Arm Left Behind initiative to make sure vaccines are available to every Marylander who wants one.

Q: Will local school systems be able to set policies regarding masks and face coverings?

A: These are decisions for local school systems and authorities to make.

Q: How does this affect eviction protections?

A: The moratorium on evictions related to COVID-19 is included in the 45-day grace period.

Q: Will emergency procurements continue?

A: It is a common misconception that emergency procurements are tied to the state of emergency. The process for emergency procurements is laid out in statute. 

Q: Will masks still be required on transit and at the airport? 

A: There is a federal order in place requiring masks and face coverings on public transit.