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COVID-19 Pandemic: Orders and Guidance

Below are links to the proclamations and orders issued by Governor Larry Hogan related to COVID-19, along with interpretive guidance from the Governor’s Office of Legal Counsel.


Orders Currently in Effect

Interpretive Guidance

  • COVID19-01 – Malls, Food Courts and Trucks, Clubs, Funerals, Barbers, etc.
  • COVID19-02 – Update to COVID19-01, Physical Therapists, Convenience Stores
  • COVID19-03 – Grocery, Pharmacy and Health Care Establishments in Malls
  • COVID19-04 [En español] – Businesses That May Remain Open 
  • COVID19-05 – Additional Businesses That May Remain Open, Guidance for Retail
  • COVID19-06 – Additional Businesses, Staff Access for Non-Essential Businesses
  • COVID19-07 [En español] – Stay At Home Order, Curbside Pickup, Campgrounds
  • COVID19-08 [En español] – Employer Documentation, Clergy, In-Home Child and Elder Care
  • NEW COVID19-09 – Guidance for Religious Facilities and Clergy

Superseded Orders (not in effect)


For the full record of Executive Orders not related to the COVID-19 pandemic, click here.