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Governor Hogan Announces Salary Increases to Attract and Retain Correctional Officers

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today announced $13 million in salary increases for employees who are charged with the care and custody of inmates within Maryland’s correctional facilities. This follows the administration’s announcement last week of increased salaries for new hires into these critical positions.

These salary enhancements are designed to enhance the state’s ability to compete in an area that has seen recruitment challenges despite many innovative efforts to hire correctional officers.

“This is vital work and the individuals who maintain the security of our correctional institutions and oversee the work of inmates deserve recognition for performing this challenging job,” said Governor Hogan.  “I am pleased to be able to offer these increases, which are well-deserved.”

The state was able to reach agreement with the exclusive representative of these employees, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees within a very short period.


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