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Governor Hogan Statement on Electoral College Confirming President-elect Biden’s Election Victory

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan this evening issued the following statement:

“The peaceful transition of power has been a hallmark of our democracy for more than 220 years. It has been tested and even questioned before, but Americans have always honored and kept faith in the will of the people.

“President Trump and his legal team have had every opportunity to present evidence to support their accusations and they have failed to do so. The American system is the envy of the world because ultimately the truth and the rule of law prevail. This election was no exception. No American should have any reason to doubt that this election was fair and legitimate.

“Thousands of Americans are dying each day and millions more are suffering economically from this awful pandemic, but hope is on the horizon. Just today, states received their first shipments of vaccines. We cannot be overcome by our divisions now.

“We must work together as one country to provide Americans real relief and to distribute this life-saving vaccine without delay. We will get through this, but we can only do it together.”


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