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Watch: Governor Hogan Provides Updates on Maryland’s Coronavirus Response Live on MSNBC, NPR

“We’re all trying to just make the decisions as fast as we can to do whatever we can to flatten out that curve”

ANNAPOLIS, MD—This evening, Governor Hogan joined MSNBC’s “Meet the Press Daily” and NPR’s “All Things Considered” to discuss the latest updates in Maryland’s ongoing response to COVID-19, the novel coronavirus.

Today, Governor Hogan announced new measures to prevent the spread of the virus in Maryland, including postponing the April 28 primary election. View a comprehensive list of these actions here.



“I was a little frustrated with things that were going on over the weekend with the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, which is why we took unprecedented actions yesterday to shut down all the bars and restaurants and all the things that you just mentioned, because we had put out a directive and a recommendation statewide last week which almost everybody ignored. And so we made it a directive under our state of emergency that’s got the full force of law that we’re going to enforce. And I think people are now taking it a little more seriously today….We’re all trying to just make the decisions as fast as we can to do whatever we can to flatten out that curve.”

“Look, we’re all working on this together and it’s really not finger-pointing but, I believe everybody’s taking the actions that they think are necessary to protect the people in their states, and we’ve all gotta work together.”

“Look, we’re trying to accomplish two things: We’re trying to make sure that everybody has their most basic fundamental right of making sure we count every vote which is critically important, but we also don’t want thousands of people out there in the polling places when we’ve limited interaction. And it’s the last thing we need—to get people out trying to vote and exercise their right while they’re making people sick and it’s causing people to die. So we took action today to give us more time to figure those kinds of things out rather than trying to rush a primary when we didn’t have participation and we were actually driving thousands of people into senior centers and schools that we’ve already ordered closed. These are things that we’ve all got to figure out together in the coming months.”

NPR’s All Things Considered



“I think it’s probably less productive for us to kind of argue and finger point about what should have happened or what could have happened. We’re all just trying to take actions as quickly as we can. This is so unprecedented, and it’s quite frankly overwhelming for everybody involved, and it’s changing not on a daily basis or an hourly basis but almost a minute-by-minute, and so instead of waiting to get everybody in agreement or get permission or to get some decision in Washington, we’re just acting because time is not our friend.”


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