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“Responsible and Common Sense Approach”: What They’re Saying About Governor Hogan’s Plan to Address Violent Crime

Tougher Sentences for Violent Offenders, Tougher Penalties for Witness Intimidation, More Transparency to Hold Judges Accountable for Sentencing Decisions

Here’s What They Are Saying: 

Here's What They Are Saying (Video)

“A Series of Bills Targeting Crime” The Baltimore Sun:Hogan announced last month that he would introduce a series of bills targeting crime, including one to increase penalties for people who give or sell guns to someone they know will use them to commit a crime. Another would increase penalties for intimidation that results in death of a witness or serious injury, and a third would require a report on sentences handed down by judges.” (Pamela Wood and Luke Broadwater, “8 key issues facing Maryland lawmakers during the 2020 General Assembly session,” Baltimore Sun, 1/7/20)

“Strengthen Penalties for Repeat Gun-Violence Offenders” AP: “Maryland would invest millions of dollars to fight violent crime and would strengthen penalties for repeat gun-violence offenders and witness intimidation, under a package of initiatives announced Wednesday by Gov. Larry Hogan.” (Staff, “Hogan unveils funding and initiatives to fight violent crime,” Associated Press, 12/11/19)

“Should Be The No.1 Priority For The General Assembly” Baltimore Business Journal: “Gov. Larry Hogan said Tuesday that crime in Baltimore is the top issue facing the entire state of Maryland and toughening sentences for violent offenders should be the No. 1 priority for the General Assembly.” (Holden Wilen, “Gov. Hogan: Crime in Baltimore is top issue facing Maryland,” Baltimore Business Journal, 1/7/20)

“Hogan Cracks Down on Crime and Criminals” The Washington Times: “Mr. Hogan’s statewide approach and not merely Baltimore-centric; it’s a responsible and common sense approach to both deter and claim ownership of longstanding statewide problems. In his words, ‘Keeping Marylanders safe is my responsibility.’” (Deborah Simmons, “Hogan cracks down on crime and criminals,” Washington Times, 1/9/20)

“Crime-Reduction Plan” WJZ: “The four bills, introduced in both the state House and Senate, are part of a $21 million crime-reduction plan the governor announced last month.” (Staff, “Bills Designed To Combat Violent Crime Introduced In Maryland General Assembly,’” WJZ, 1/20/20)

“Highlights Crime-Fighting and Education in Budget” WRC: “Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is highlighting funds to fight crime, improve education and protect the environment in his budget plan.” (Associated Press, “Hogan Highlights Crime-Fighting and Education in Budget,” WRC, 1/14/20)

“Adds Millions for Crime Control” Herald Mail Media: “Fighting crime in Baltimore will occupy more of the state’s budget next year, while education and school construction will continue taking up a large chunk of it….it adds millions for crime control, particularly focused on Baltimore.” (Tamela Baker, “Crime, education to be Md. budget priorities.” Herald Mail Media, 1/14/20)

“Bills to Combat Violent Crime” WGMD: “Governor Larry Hogan has introduced a series of legislation to combat violent crime in Maryland. The Governor’s crime package, which he first announced last month at a press conference in Baltimore City, includes tougher sentences for violent offenders who commit crimes with guns, stronger penalties for those who intimidate witnesses, and more transparency to hold judges accountable for their sentencing decisions.” (Rob Petree, “Governor Hogan introduces bills to combat violent crime in Maryland,’” WGMD, 1/21/20)

“A Package of Legislation to Fight Crime” WBAL NewsRadio: “Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, has proposed a package of legislation to fight crime in the city, including funding for 25 new prosecutors and support staff for the attorney general to prosecute violent crimes. He also wants stronger penalties for repeat gun-violence offenders and for witness intimidation.” (AP, “’Rome Is Burning’: Baltimore Crime Gets Lawmakers’ Attention,” WBAL NewsRadio, 1/9/20)

“Focused On The City’s Crisis of Violent Crime” Baltimore Business Journal: “Hogan also focused on the city’s crisis of violent crime, which was cited as the top concern for Marylanders, the governor said. He said the 12 shootings — with five homicides — on Saturday alone in the city was the latest example of the urgent need to clamp down on the violence. He unveiled plans to infuse millions of dollars of new funding into law enforcement efforts statewide and in Baltimore.” (Melody Simmons, “Hogan’s proposed budget includes money to fight city crime, fund Howard Street Tunnel,” Baltimore Business Journal, 1/14/20)

“Tougher Sentences for Violent Offenders” WBFF: “Violent crime in Baltimore is much on the minds of Gov. Larry Hogan and state lawmakers. The governor recently unveiled a series of initiatives to crack down on repeat violent offenders, and Republic leaders plan to unveil their own crime bills. One calls for tougher sentences for violent offenders.” (Bryna Zumer, “A closer look at Gov. Hogan’s plans to fight Baltimore crime,” WBFF, 1/14/20)

“More Funding to Hire Prosecutors” WBFF: “The governor’s crime plan also includes more funding to hire prosecutors in Maryland Attorney General’s office and send money to the U.S. Attorney’s office to hire additional federal prosecutors.” (Bryna Zumer, “Gov. Hogan: ‘We just want to see the shootings & the murders stopped in the city,’” WBFF, 12/17/19)

“Prosecute More Gun Violence Cases” Maryland Matters: “Hogan announced that he would be infusing city agencies and the Office of the Attorney General with additional funding to pursue and prosecute more gun violence cases through fiscal year 2021 budget proposals.” (Danielle E. Gaines, “Hogan Lays Out Plans to Address ‘Out of Control Violence in the Streets,’” Maryland Matters, 12/11/19)

“Claimed Overwhelming Popular Support Throughout The State” Maryland Reporter: “A day ahead of the start of Maryland’s 441st legislative session, Gov. Larry Hogan claimed overwhelming popular support throughout the state –  and Baltimore in particular – for a series of legislative proposals aimed at reducing violent crime.” (Bryan Renbaum, “Hogan: Crime and corruption are top priorities for new session,”, 1/8/20)

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