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Governor Larry Hogan Announces Appointments

Peters as Special Secretary of Smart Growth, McCord as Acting Planning Secretary

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today announced new appointments at the Maryland Department of Planning and the executive branch:

Planning secretary Wendi Peters has been appointed as the special secretary for Smart Growth, a position that serves as chair of the Smart Growth Subcabinet. Established in 1998, the Smart Growth Subcabinet helps implement smart growth policies, recommending to the governor changes in state law, regulations, and procedures needed to support smart growth. The subcabinet also oversees the Priority Places Strategy and works to create, enhance, support, and revitalize sustainable communities across Maryland.

Robert McCord, currently serving as assistant secretary of operations at Planning, assumes the deputy secretary position and was appointed as acting secretary by the governor while a search is conducted for a permanent appointee.

Additionally, Dennis Schrader will continue to serve as secretary of the Maryland Department of Health.



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