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Governor Larry Hogan Announces Judicial Appointments

Fills Vacancies on the District Court of Prince George’s County

ANNAPOLIS, MD Governor Larry Hogan today announced the appointments of Bryon Bereano, Ada Clark-Edwards, and Donnaka Lewis to the District Court of Prince George’s County. The governor made the appointments after reviewing nominees from current and previous judicial nominating commissions.

“After conducting a thorough vetting process, I am confident that Bryon Bereano, Ada Clark-Edwards, and Donnaka Lewis will be strong assets to the District Court of Prince George’s County,” said Governor Hogan. “Each individual possesses an extensive legal background and has exhibited integrity and a commitment to justice throughout their careers. I offer my congratulations, and am confident that they will serve as strong advocates for the law and for the people of Prince George’s County.”

Bryon Bereano is an associate county attorney at the Prince George’s County Office of Law, where he focuses on zoning and property maintenance cases, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints, and other administrative matters on behalf of Prince George’s County. His previous experience includes working as a solo practitioner for three years, working as a litigation associate from 2001-2010, and serving as a clerk for the Honorable Alexander Williams Jr. in the United States District Court for Maryland from 2000-2001. Mr. Bereano graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia.

Ada Clark-Edwards is a prosecutor for the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office where she serves as chief of the special victims and family violence unit. Her previous experience includes serving as chief of the domestic violence unit from 2014-2015, leading her own criminal defense practice from 2004-2006, and working as a general practitioner for three years. Ms. Clark-Edwards graduated from the Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law and received her bachelor’s degree from Towson State University.

Donnaka Lewis is the chief of the District Court Division of Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office, where she has worked for the past twelve years. Her previous experience includes serving as a legal clerk for Judge Melanie Shaw Geter on the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County from 2003-2004. Ms. Lewis graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law, received her master’s degree from American University, and her bachelor’s degree from Hampton University.



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