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Message from the Governor’s Business Ombudsman

“Our highest priority is to level the playing field and provide a voice for Maryland business owners who face many challenges running their companies”.

Randall Nixon fills the vacancy created by Roger Campos, who recently became Assistant Secretary at the Department of Housing and Community Development.

Mr. Nixon has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner in Maryland. As an attorney and president of three successful companies, which he operated simultaneously, Mr. Nixon will share his strategic planning, business development, training, leadership, and business plan implementation skills as he works with small business owners across the state.

The Office of the Ombudsman serves as a good will business ambassador and liaison between businesses, economic development organizations, communities and federal, state, and local government.

We have heard a consistent message from business owners who are frustrated with regulations, rules, and compliance measures in their dealings with government agencies. Everyone agrees that there are certain compliance and enforcement procedures needed to protect the public and make Maryland a safer and a better place to live. But sometimes dealing with government agencies can be cumbersome and confusing, resulting in time-consuming bureaucratic delays. This can be a nightmare for businesses that don’t have the financial resources or deep pockets to resolve problems they encounter. Sometimes this poses a burden on those who want to comply, but do not have the necessary resources.

Our commitment is to help all Maryland business owners find timely, effective, innovative, common sense solutions in resolving issues so they can go about running their companies. We want Maryland businesses to thrive and grow and create jobs. We want them to succeed in an environment of trust and cooperation. If you have a problem or issue, come to us. We are Open for Business.

Randall Nixon

Governor’s Business Ombudsman

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