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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How can the Governor’s Business Ombudsman help my business?

If your business has faced challenges interacting with any State agency or has problems with agency responsiveness, the Governor’s Business Ombudsman can facilitate a resolution on your behalf. Once you submit a comment, we ask the State agency involved to provide a practical, timely response that balances the State interests with the specific circumstances of the business.

  1. What happens to the comment/complaint I file with the Governor’s Business Ombudsman?

A case management specialist will review the comment and any supporting documentation to make sure the necessary authorization and other information is present. The comment is then forwarded to the agency with a request for a prompt responsive review.

  1. When should I expect a response?

We ask the State agency to conduct a review and provide a response describing the results of its review within 30 business days. Some cases, including particularly complex ones, may require additional time to investigate and substantively address the concerns raised.

  1. Should I file an appeal or pursue other resolutions if I file a comment with the Office of the Business Ombudsman?

Filing a comment with the Governor’s Business Ombudsman is not a substitute for your rights or obligations in legal or administrative agency proceedings. You should always pursue any and all avenues for relief you believe are in the best interests of your business.

The Business Ombudsman process does not suspend, cancel, modify, or replace any legal or administrative process or other mandates for formal review that an agency may require, and the Governor’s Business Ombudsman does not have authority to make a ruling or decision on a case, or impose any punitive or corrective measures on a State agency.

  1. Is my comment confidential?

If you elect, we will maintain your anonymity with the agency involved so that your name or other identifying information is not shared with the agency.

  1. If I file a comment, am I protected from agency retaliation against my business?

State agencies and their employees are prohibited from retaliating against any business for filing a complaint regarding the agency.