Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford
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Two Generation Commission

Poverty must not be the legacy that’s handed down from generation to generation, or accepted as a way of existence.

Almost 40% of Maryland adults who currently receive cash and food assistance also received this very same assistance as a child. This percentage indicates that what should be short term interventions to poverty are instead being used to support generations of families. Breaking the cycle of multigenerational poverty is critical to ensuring a better quality of life for all Maryland families.

Our administration is committed to breaking this cycle by finding solutions that address the needs of an entire family, and has established the Two-Generation Family Economic Security Commission. This interagency, multidisciplinary commission will study the Two-Generation Approach, a public policy initiative that seeks to break the cycle of multigenerational poverty through a family-centered approach to service delivery.

The commission will develop recommendations on how the state can link programs and services that create opportunities for both parents and children, particularly in the areas of education, economic stability, and family engagement. This coincides with the development of MD THINK, a groundbreaking technology platform that will transform the state’s ability to deliver vital human services to Marylanders. The Two-Generation Family Economic Security Commission’s findings will help influence what indicators are vital in identifying trends and opportunities for interventions to assist families at the earliest points possible. It’s an opportunity to utilize state-of-the-art technology to support data driven decisions that invest in strategies that work.

The Two-Generation Commission will hold meetings across the state to engage local partners and stakeholders whose input are crucial for the success of the Commission.

Executive Order

Commission Meetings

  • June 28th
    • When: 10:00am – 12:00pm
    • Where: Governor’s Reception Room
    • Agenda
    • Minutes
  • August 18th 
    • When: 2:15pm – 3:15pm
    • Where: Ocean City Convention Center, 4001 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842
    • Agenda
    • Minutes
  • October 3rd
    • When:2:00pm
    • Where: 2848 West Lafayette Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21216
    • Agenda 
    • Minutes
  • October 30th
    • When: 1:30pm
    • Where: Allegany County Dept of Social Services, 1 Frederick St., Cumberland MD
    • Agenda