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Our First Responders

As a people, we have to do everything we can to protect those who protect us–our First Responders. That’s why we’ve set the following goals

Goal #6: HAZ MAT/Explosive Device Response

Every metropolitan region should have a Type 1 Haz Mat team and a Type 1 bomb response team, either as one unit, or separate units,and there should be sufficient units statewide to provide a mutual aid response in any jurisdiction within a minimal amount of time. These teams should all be trained for both fire and law enforcement response.

Today, we’ve established a regional response network across our six local bomb squads and the state’s team. All squads now share response data and equipment lists, and they train and exercise together. They even set their own response standard of one hour – four times faster than the federal response standard. And they hit their goal 95% of the time.

But while we’re making progress, we know that we can always do more.

Goal #7: Personal Protective Equipment for First Responders

All police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical providers in every metropolitan region should have ready and immediate access to personal protective equipment. This includes at a minimum some form of emergency airway protection, access to more advanced breathing apparatus and protective suits, and medications and antidotes against common WMD agents. In addition they need to be trained on how to use this equipment properly.

Working together, we reached our goal of outfitting and training the officers in our state’s largest law enforcement agencies with a uniform, interoperable set of protective gear. And we are setting up bulk purchase contracts to make it easier for local departments to buy this equipment. But we know we can always do more.

Our response to an emergency is dependent on our brave first responders and we will continue to do everything we can to protect those who protect us.