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Measuring What Matters

When it comes to measuring the economic progress we’re making as a State and as a nation, we usually rely on our nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or here in Maryland, our Gross State Product (GSP).

But what if we want to measure a broader kind of progress? The progress that comes from breathing cleaner air, or spending more time with our children, or receiving a better education.

We believe that all those things and more can and should be measured. That’s what Maryland’s Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) is all about. Together, we launched Maryland’s GPI last year to help us fill in some gaps and give us a more complete picture of the progress we’re making as a State.

I hope you’ll take time to visit our GPI site and watch a video demonstration to learn how we use GPI to measure 26 separate indicators that help gauge our quality of life.

We’re making this new tool available to our citizens, so that we can all make better, more informed decisions about the kind of future we seek together.

As we move forward to develop and improve the Maryland GPI, we want to hear your suggestions for how to make it more accurate and more informative. Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback here.

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