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Innovation That Protects Our Bay, Farms & Jobs

This morning, I had the honor to join the Laytons at their family farm on the Eastern Shore. The Laytons are part of a long, proud agricultural tradition in Maryland—one that creates jobs, feeds our people and builds our local economies. But as we move forward in this changing new economy, we need to recognize that the health of our land, water and air are essential if we want to strengthen our agricultural economy and pass on that tradition to the next generation.

Farmers like the Laytons are doing their part to protect the Bay, their farm and the jobs it creates by embracing innovative practices and new technology. They are among the many farmers that have signed up to plant a new record number of cover crops this year—crops that restore our land and help protect our environment.

Our farmers continue to be some of our strongest partners in our work to clean up the Bay. Another way that we’ve been able to make progress towards our goals is by using innovative technology to map out all of Maryland’s agricultural land in AgPrint.

Below is the second in a series of tutorials on how to use Maryland’s IMaps. Watch the video, interact with the map and use the comment section to ask questions and let us know what you think.

Through the dissemination of timely, accurate, information shared by all, we’ve been able to make progress toward restoring the health of our Bay while at the same time protecting our tradition of agriculture and the jobs that it creates. I hope you’ll take a moment to watch the tutorial and let us know what you think.