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Highlights from India

By Raquel Guillory, Director of Communications

Yesterday, we hosted a skype press conference with Governor O’Malley and members of the Maryland in India Delegation. And while they were a bit tired with their jam-packed schedule and the 10 ½ hour time difference, they provided great insight that I wanted to share.

The delegation has been very busy. Already, four Maryland businesses have netted deals with Indian Partners; deals that will allow them to expand their businesses and create more jobs for more Marylanders.  (For a full itinerary of the mission, click here)

As Governor O’Malley explained, “Given India’s strength as the largest English-speaking democracy in the world it would be economically irresponsible not to strengthen relationships with India. Our challenge really is to seize that opportunity and to become more engaged with India rather than less engaged”

Secretary Christian Johannson agreed and noted how over the past six years, India went from Maryland’s 18th strongest export market to our 12th. As one of the world’s fastest growing markets, Governor O’Malley predicted that India will become one of our top trade partners in the next five years.

We heard from two of the dozens of businesses in the delegation– the largest delegation ever to visit India and the first to be led by a sitting Maryland Governor. Every business paid their own way to go on the mission because they appreciate the many opportunities.

A business owner from Rockville who employs more than 100 people explained how if it were not for the Governor and large delegation’s presence, he may not have been able to form a new partnership. Because of the mission, however, he expects to continue to expand his business and hire more Marylanders.

A gentleman from Prince George’s County told a similar story. He too was able to form a partnership and is now bringing a new medical call center to Prince George’s, a call center that will employ more Marylanders.

While the First Lady was not a part of the press conference, we’ve gotten a ton of great pictures back that I wanted to share. She’s been busy visiting with underprivileged children, meeting with legal officials to discuss potential rule of law partnerships and attending cultural events.  Click here for her full itinerary. 

For more updates from the trip, be sure to follow @GovernorOMalley on twiter and the hashtag #MDINdia. We also set up this flickr account to share photos from the mission. We’ll send as many updates as we can. Thanks.

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