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Governor O’Malley Kicks off Series of Events Focused on ‘Governing For Results’


ANNAPOLIS, MD – Tomorrow, Governor O’Malley will kick off a series of events called “Governing For Results” to promote the O’Malley-Brown Administration’s 16 strategic goals to move Maryland forward.

Tomorrow’s event will focus on the Administration’s goal to reduce violent crime in Maryland by 20 percent by the end of 2018. The Governor will be joined by County Executive Rushern Baker; Col. Marcus Brown of the Maryland State Police; Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks; and other community partners and law enforcement officials.

“Working with the brave men and women of law enforcement, we’ve driven violent crime down to thirty year lows,” Governor O’Malley said. “We are going to continue doing everything we can — together with federal, state, and local law enforcement partners — to keep our neighborhoods and families safe.”

Among the things the Administration has done to drive down violent crime is enact the Firearm Safety Act, a comprehensive plan of commonsense reforms that includes (1) gun safety; (2) mental health safeguards and services; and (3) school safety measures. One of the key components of that law is a fingerprint license requirement to combat straw purchasers.

The Administration also released a document detailing efforts related to the three public safety goals overall: Governing for Results: Improving Public Safety.

“As public officials, our most important responsibility is ensuring the safety of our residents” said Lt. Governor Brown. “Working together with law enforcement and our local partners, we’ve made great progress. Together, we will continue making Maryland a better, safer place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Guided by the principle that the things that get measured are the things that get done, the Administration remains focused on tracking and measuring performance and on meeting these goals so that Maryland keeps moving forward.

‘Governing for Results’ will be a series of events (not necessarily 16) that will highlight Maryland’s progress in the areas of opportunity (jobs and schools), sustainability, public safety, and health. They will take place over the next several months, and will chronicle some of the different strategies the Administration is using to make Maryland a safer, healthier place with more jobs and opportunity for all Marylanders.

Editor’s Note: Gov. O’Malley discussed the Administration’s 16 strategic goals in this year’s State of the State address. The Governor said:

Seven years ago—in response to the desires of our people—we set out to govern in a fundamentally different way.

Setting goals. Measuring performance. Hitting deadlines. Getting Results. Making the work of progress visible for you to see, and for me to see.

Every day, the test of any policy, action, or expenditure, has been whether or not it is actually working—working to produce the intended results.

In the past, our states and indeed our country, have been governed by a top-down approach. Hierarchical and bureaucratic. Shouting orders from somewhere above.

But that’s not the world we live in any more.

This generation is not about command and control.  This generation seeks good ideas on level ground. Everywhere.

It is fundamentally entrepreneurial, operationally collaborative, it is performance measured, connected, and relentlessly interactive.

It is the new way.

This generation wants its government to be accountable for its action, and accountable for the results we seek.

Today in Maryland, you can go online right now, and see the 16 strategic goals we have set for our State’s progress, in the areas of job creation, education, security, sustainability, and health.

On some of these, we’ve already exceeded our initial goals. On others, we’re making progress. And on a few, we still have a longer way to go.

Progress requires accountability.

But accountability means putting your commitment out there, for all of us to know and see, and hopefully to help drive.