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Governor O’Malley Congratulates Maryland Universities on Remaining Among the Nation’s Top Schools

Annapolis, MD (September 13, 2011) – U.S. News and World Report has once  again given high marks to Maryland’s  colleges and universities.  For the second year in a row, Johns Hopkins  was ranked #13 in the nation for best universities, the University of Maryland,  College Park (UMCP) moved up to 55th and the University of Maryland,  Baltimore County (UMBC) was ranked #1 for up-and-coming national universities  for the third straight year.

“A modern economy  requires  modern investments and we have chosen to invest in our greatest asset, our  people.  The more a person learns, the more a person earns, and the more  jobs we create.  To create new jobs, Maryland must continue to support higher  education.

“The rankings by U.S. News and  World Report prove once again that the investments we’re making in higher  education are investments that work.  These past few years have not been  easy and we’ve had to make many difficult decisions.  In the midst of the  worst national recession our country has seen since the Great Depression, we  chose to put the dreams of a college education within reach of more middle  class families by freezing in-state tuition at our state colleges and  universities four years in a row.   Congratulations to all of our  colleges and universities in earning this well-deserved recognition.”

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