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Better Choices Deconstructed

By Matt Gallagher, Chief of Staff

Yesterday, Governor Martin O’Malley delivered his State of the State address focused on the better choices we’ve made together to deliver results and nearly eliminate the inherited $1.7 billion structural deficit while maintaining our Triple A bond rating.

We wanted to break down an excerpt of the speech and showcase a few of the polices that works.

“We used the pressure of sinking revenues to make government more efficient.”


“For the first time, we started setting public goals with more immediate deadlines.”

Delivery Unit

“We started measuring weekly performance to make government more effective.”


“We constrained budget growth and made government smaller.”

Fewest Executive Branch Employees

“We strengthened our Rainy Day Fund and protected our Triple A Bond Rating.”

Rainy Day Fund

“We fixed our pension system.”

Pension“We reformed hundreds of pages of regulations, streamlined permitting, and fast tracked jobs projects.”

Regulatory Reform

We eliminated paperwork, simplified applications for business licenses, and reduced waiting times from months to days.


We advanced public-private partnerships to create thousands of jobs at the Port of Baltimore.

Port of Baltimore

We put real-time information about the people’s government on the internet, converted paper note cards to digital files, and used smart maps to better target our limited resources.


We cut more state spending than any administration in modern Maryland history.

Spending Cuts
“Better Choices. Better Results. The proof is in our the Progress.”





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