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Best Places to Live

This morning, live on NBC’s Today Show, Money Magazine rolled out its top places to live in America for 2010.  Maryland’s own Columbia / Ellicott City is ranked the #2 Best Place to Live in America.  Among the criteria landing Columbia / Ellicott City in the #2 spot, according to Money Magazine – it’s “lovely 18th-century downtown, and lots of restaurants. Columbia offers a wide range of housing, tons of parkland, and a major music venue…It’s also an economic powerhouse with a jobless rate just as enviable as Eden Prairie’s.”

Also making the list – Gaithersburg, MD (#25), for its “ability to attract start-up companies [which] has allowed it to rebound from the recession better than many other places.”  And Rockville, MD for its “prime location, great schools, and economic stability. Some of the best primary schools in the country are here.”

Maryland has gained 38,000 jobs in the last four months, remains one of only eight states in the nation to hold a Triple A bond rating, and maintains an unemployment rate 25 percent lower than the rest of the nation.  These last four months have shown a job growth rate in Maryland twice that of the rest of the nation.  Columbia / Ellicott City is just one example that as Marylanders, in tough times, we don’t make excuses.  We make progress. 

Recently, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce affirmed Maryland’s ability to grow jobs even in tough economic times, and ranked Maryland second in the nation for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and fourth overall for “enterprise-friendly states.” 

Congratulations to County Executives Ken Ulman and Ike Leggett, and the residents and business owners of Columbia / Ellicott City, Gaithersburg, and Rockville who keep us moving forward even in tough times.