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A Jobs Mission

In a few hours, I’ll be departing for Asia with a delegation of scientists, educators and business leaders from around our state but before I go, I wanted to share my thoughts on why this trip is so important for Maryland’s economic development.

Every state, and every country, is in a fight for our economic future. And in this hotly competitive, global economy, the states which are slow or reluctant to adapt, will ultimately lose this battle. But in Maryland, we refuse to lose. We understand the opportunities of international trade and foreign direct investment and that’s exactly why we’re going on this jobs mission.

This effort, unprecedented in scope, will build upon Maryland’s robust and expanding business and economic relations with the world’s fastest growing major economic region.

Already, our state has seen the benefits of a strong export market with $10.2 billion in exports last year, up 10% from the previous year. But better is not good enough and this trip aims to not only increase our exports but also attract foreign companies to Maryland–companies that will create jobs and spur economic development right here at home.

On this trip, we’ll visit businesses, community leaders, universities and centers. And we’ll show companies, first hand why Maryland is such a great place to live, work and do business. For our full schedule, please check here.

In Maryland, we are uniquely positioned for international development. With our International Growth Strategy2010 Maryland Export Initiative, the nation’s first International incubator and an economic development office in Shanghai, we have the resources needed to grow Maryland exports, attract FDI and create more jobs for Marylanders.

We’re looking forward to representing our state during this trip and know that together, we can position Maryland as a leader in this changing, global economy.

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