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A Fight for Our Children’s Future

By Katie O’Malley

Over the course of this week, Martin and I have been leading a trade mission to India to help bring jobs and opportunity back to Maryland. And while our entire delegation continues to work to bring back jobs for our families, I have also had a unique and humbling experience visiting with children in need and working with court officials in India to discuss the possibility of establishing partnerships between Maryland and India.

I’d like to share a few highlights with you.

At the beginning of our trip, I met with high court officials in India to discuss the possibility of establishing a Rule of Law partnership with the State of Maryland, which would strengthen the ties between Maryland and India; provide educational training and promote resource sharing; and make everyone accountable to the law to protect human rights and the freedom of individuals and foster peace among our people.

On Tuesday, I visited the Sphoorti Foundation, where some of India’s most vulnerable children are being cared for and learning critical skills needed to prepare them for life and make them responsible, well-educated and well-rounded citizens.  Here we are:

Today, I had the most humbling opportunity to visit with children at Mother Teresa’s Orphanage in New Delhi. Here’s a photo I took of their bright and smiling faces:

The people of India have been very gracious hosts and we have had a wonderful chance to experience the beauty and culture of this great country.  As we continue to work to generate economic partnerships with India to bring jobs back home, I hope that we will also be reminded of the spirit of community that connects us not just from every corner of our State and not just across the nation, but around the world.

As I reflect on our trip, I’d like all of us to find hope in the eyes of a helpless child and know that this fight we fight together –whether for jobs, education and opportunity, for finding a cure for disease or erasing famine –is bigger than ourselves. It’s for our children and their future.