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2 Week Deadlines

There are a few lessons that I’ve learned in managing large organizations and people. One is that people work against deadlines and that it’s best to have deadlines that come up every two weeks,  instead of every two years.

Another is that when you have a system that is open and transparent where everyone knows what the data is, then everyone can contribute to improving performance.

It was with these principles that in 2007, we created StateStat and BayStat—two powerful statewide tools designed to make our state government more accountable and efficient.

Through a process of continually evaluating State performance at the highest levels, we find opportunities to improve coordination and formulate strategies that are ongoing – not just during annual budget reviews.

Every two weeks, our team meets to answer questions on agency performance and priority initiatives. Every week, we develop reports on our state agencies to highlight areas of concern. And every day, we analyze data and performance trends to develop strategies that improve performance.

This afternoon, I’ll be meeting with our Secretaries of Agriculture, the Environment, Natural Resources and Planning as well as scientists from the University of Maryland and other key staff for one of our bi-weekly BayStat Meetings.

Explore the BayStat Website

As always, I look forward to the conversation and to discussing  what we can do to further improve the health of one of our state’s most cherished natural resources—the Chesapeake Bay.

I hope you’ll take the time to learn more about StateStat and BayStat by taking a look at their websites.